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If chocolate addiction is one of your guilty pleasures, you have come to the right place. I adore chocolate. This love began as a young child and has continued throughout my life.

Over the years I’ve explored the world of chocolate and am happy to share my experiences with you. I’ve sampled many chocolates, collected the best chocolate dessert recipes, and learned about the different types and qualities available.

This is the place for chocolate lovers to come and learn about chocolate, share your own recipes, and delight in the joy of this delicious food.

Everything you always wanted to know about chocolate:

Benefits of Chocolate

Chocolate Recipes

History of Chocolate

Chocolate Facts

Tasting Chocolate

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Who Invented Chocolate?

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exploring the world of chocolate:

Chocolate Facts You Want to Know
Chocolate facts you want to know. Chocolate addiction is pleased to help you learn everything you want to know about chocolate.

Health Benefits of Chocolate
Discover the health benefits of chocolate. Can it be true that this delicious food is also good for you? Learn why chocolate is good for you and the health benefits of dark chocolate.

How is Chocolate Made?
How is chocolate made? Learn the processes of turning cacao beans into chocolate.

Who Invented Chocolate?
The quest to learn who invented chocolate means exploring the history of chocolate. The first people to discover chocolate were the Olmecs.

Ready for a Chocolate Quiz?
Ready for a chocolate quiz? Test your chocolate knowledge with one of these chocolate quizz questions and answers. Discover your chocolate personality.

Yummiest Chocolate Cookie Recipes
These chocolate cookie recipes are tested favorites. Bake these yummy cookies and enjoy.

The Best Chocolate Cake Recipes
You have found the absolutely best chocolate cake recipes. If you have a craving for chocolate, these delicious chocolate cakes will satisfy those cravings.

Fabulous Chocolate Pies
Recipes for Fabulous chocolate pies. Create a delicious chocolate dessert with the recipes you find here.

Favorite Chocolate Fondue Recipes
You have found the all time favorite chocolate fondue recipes. These recipes for chocolate fondue are fun and delicious.

Chocolate Beverages to Savor and Sip
Get the best recipes for chocolate beverages to savor and sip. Recipes include Chocolate Martinis, hot cocoa, and Mexican Hot Chocolate. Delicious chocolate drinks!

Special Chocolate Desserts
Chocolate lovers will appreciate these special chocolate desserts. You won’t want to miss these favorite chocolate recipes.

Chocolate Cupcakes are Making a Comeback
Chocolate cupcakes are making a comeback. Businesses are specializing in cupcakes. They are replacing wedding cakes at weddings. You’ll find lots of great cupcake ideas!

Favorite Chocolate Candy Recipes
Favorite chocolate candy recipes will create special chocolate candies. Recipes to treasure.

Share Your Recipes
Share your recipes on this website. Chocolate recipes are encouraged to share with other chocolate lovers.

Favorite Cooking Websites
Chocolate Addiction is pleased to recommend our favorite cooking websites. There are lots of web sites about cooking. These recipe websites are the best you’ll find!

Chocolate Addiction’s Privacy Policy
Chocolate Addiction is please to make its privacy policy available on our website.

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This site map will help you navigate to the many different pages of Chocolate-Addiction.com. Discover all about chocolate and print fabulous chocolate recipes.

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The Chocolate Blog is my way of keeping in touch with you. Stay up-to-date on all things Chocolate. My blog will let you know whenever I add a new page to the site.

Hershey Chocolate Factory
Hershey Chocolate Factory is the largest chcolate factory in the world. Vist Hershey Chocolate World for a simulate tour ride, Hershey park rides, shopping, and restaurants.

Hershey Brownie Recipe
Chocolate Addiction is pleased to share this Hershey Brownie recipe. You’ll love these decadent brownies. They truly are a chocolate lovers treat!

Twitter Search – Top Chocolate Tweeters
No need to do a twitter search. See what the top Chocolate Tweeters are saying right now, right here.

Favorite Chocolate Quotes
Chocolate lovers will want to check out these chocolate quotes. You’ll find humorous as well as serious quotes here at Chocolate-Addiction.com.

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