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Ready for a Chocolate Quiz?

Challenge yourself with an online chocolate quiz. Are you an expert on chocolate? Test your chocolate knowledge with one of these chocolate quizz questions and answers.

What does your candy selection say about your personality? Are you up on the latest chocolate facts? What do you know about the history of chocolate?

Chocolate Personality Quiz
Select a candy bar and find out what your selection says about you. Quick and fun.

Savor Chocolates – Chocolate Personality Quiz
This is a unique quiz about you. There are no right or wrong answers. After answering the 12 question, the results are a summary of your personality.

Fine Living IQ: Chocolate
Find out if you really are a true chocolate connoisseur with this 10 question quiz. Each question comes with a hint, which is actually a link to the answer. At the end of the quiz you are given your score along with a comment on how you did.

Flyer Chocolate Quizzes
This site has 3 different quizzes to choose from. Each quiz asks 10 question. When done you find out your score and the answers to any incorrect answers. For people with knowledge about chocolate and the history of chocolate.

National Geographic Chocolate Quiz
What do you know about the makers and shakers of the chocolate world? Test your knowledge of interesting chocolate facts from around the world.

Trivia Park Quiz
Trivia Park has a wide range of 10 question trivia quizzes. You’ll find quizzes on almost any topic imaginable. Immediate feedback on each question answered. This is another quiz designed for people who know about the history of chocolate and about other chocolate facts.

Charlies and the Chocolate Factory Quiz
If you are a fan of either the book or the movie, test yourself online. Ten questions. Answer all of them correctly to get your name listed on the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Trivia Master Board.

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