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Chocolate Facts You Want to Know

Chocolate Addiction is pleased to bring you the chocolate facts that you want to know. If you are like me, the quest for knowledge about chocolate is a lifelong passion. The more I learn about chocolate, the more I discover that I still have yet to learn.

Chocolate lovers eager to learn more about chocolate have come to the right place. Just click on the areas that you want to read more about:

Dogs and Chocolate
Discover the truth about dogs and chocolate. Is chocolate toxic for dogs? Are all chocolates the same? How much chocolate is toxic?

How to Taste Chocolate
This guide walks you through the steps for tasting chocolate. Learn the “dos” and “don’ts” of chocolate tasting.

Types of Chocolate
Learn about the different types and flavors of chocolate.

Hershey Chocolate Factory
Hershey Chocolate Factory is the largest chocolate factory in the world. Visit Hershey, Pennsylvania to enjoy a free chocolate tour ride, watch a 3-D show, learn about the history of Hershey Chocolate, take a trolley tour, experience exciting rides at Hershey Park, and explore the beautiful Hershey Gardens.

What are the benefits of Chocolate?
Discover the health benefits of chocolate. Learn why chocolate is good for you, what kind is healthy, and how much you should be eating.

How is Chocolate Made?
Examine the processes that go into turning cacao beans into chocolate. These stages have been fine tuned over the years resulting in a wide variety of delicious chocolates.

Who Invented Chocolate?
Explore the fascinating history of chocolate. Most people credit the Aztecs with inventing chocolate. However, the first people to discover chocolate dates back even further

Take a Chocolate Quiz
Test your knowledge of chocolate with one of these online quizzes.

Who Invented Chocolate Chip Cookies?
It’s difficult to imagine a world without chocolate chip cookies. Learn the story of who invented these popular cookies.

Does Chocolate Cause Acne?
People with acne have long been advised NOT to eat chocolate. Learn the truth about chocolate and acne.

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